10 cold knowledge about LV, how much do you know?

1️⃣Who is LV's shell bag Alma customized for?

Answer: Ms. Coco Chanel. In 1925, Ms. Coco Chanel invited LV to customize a shell bag for her, which was later mass-produced.

2️⃣What was LV's bucket bag initially used for?

Answer: The first bucket bag was made for champagne, and it can hold five bottles of champagne.

3️⃣The role of LV's Monogram presbyopia?

Answer: The earliest LV presbyopia is to prevent fakes. The earliest style was striped and later upgraded to a checkerboard, but they couldn't escape being copied, so in 1896, an unrepeatable old flower was created.

4️⃣Which painter was deeply influenced by LV printing?

Answer: Painter Dali created "Daligram" inspired by LV printing.

5️⃣Which leader is deeply influenced by LV?

Answer: Gorbachev, as the leader of the former Soviet Union, became a star of LV propaganda.

6️⃣What story made LV bags famous for a while?

Answer: In the real historic shipwreck of the Titanic, the search and rescue team that arrived at the scene picked up the LV hard-shell suitcase floating and sunk in the sea. When it was opened, there was no water in it.

7️⃣How did Louis get to Paris?

Answer: He was born in a border village called Anchay in France. Because of the traffic situation and his economic situation at the time, the 14-year-old Louis made a bold decision: walk. For more than 460 kilometers, he walked out of his life for two years.

8️⃣The last page of Hemingway's manuscript and LV's story?

Answer: The writer Hemingway once customized a suitcase for books. The last page of his manuscript was also found in the LV suitcase.

9️⃣Which American drama caused LV's rage?

Answer: "Sex and the City."

🔟Which noble's queen designer is Louis?

Answer: He is the queen of Napoleon III, a luggage expert used by Eugénie de Montijo.

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