GUCCI bags story sharing-if Newton inspired knowledge because of Apple, then you will get love because of Apple.

  Today I'd like to share a story about Gucci padlock, starting with the apple of Gucci.🔮

  All along, we are deeply fascinated by the beautiful and romantic ancient Greek myths and legends, especially the apple tree of Hera, the mother of gods. It is said that people who eat the fruit of this apple tree will have the power to capture the heart of their sweetheart.

  💖In my heart, everyone who yearns for love is like playing the role of an apple. Before encountering the heartbeat signal, we are all green apples with a sour and sweet smell, with an immature appearance and green heart. But at the moment of love, the warm colors begin to grow wantonly. The fragrant fragrance invades the soul of lovers. We become red apples. Let every meeting between lips and teeth be like sweet honey.

  Gucci newly launched this particular series of products for Chinese Valentine's day, which is Apple's classic intention painted into Gucci bags. Under Gucci's creative director Micheli, based on Gucci's iconic double-G pattern, a fresh and playful Double-G Apple pattern is created. With warm love red as the background color of Double-G Apple design, it outlines the white letters drawn by hand and matches the full and lush green leaves, which is incredibly chic.

  🍎The handbag I'm wearing is Gucci's padlock lock bag. The smart and childlike Double-G Apple pattern meets Gucci's classic double-G logo displayed on the bag in an orderly way. The fusion of retro and modern makes the whole bag have a different style. The edge of the bag is decorated with red leather with piping. Gucci padlock's design inspiration is from the old trunk, and this bag seems to bring an old soul. Every time I open its iconic metal lock, I feel like I'm looking for treasure in the treasure chest. It seems that there will be an ancient spirit sneaking out to say hello to you at any time.

  In addition to the padlock, many other items in this particular series, including my white card bag, twill leather with Double-G Apple pattern, which is small and flexible. In daily use, you will feel Gucci's apple love magic inadvertently permeate every corner of life.

  💟In summer, the most romantic thing is to hold each other's hand, let the summer evening wind blow through the lapel and hair, the other party's eyes and eyebrows and heartbeat sound are right beside you.

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