If you only buy one bag,louis vuitton supreme backpack,which one do you like for LV entry-level?

Louis Vuitton was founded in Paris, France in 1854. From royal use to top craft workshops, Louis Vuitton’s classic designs conform to important developments in travel history. The big-name bags are classic and durable, and it also doubles your temperament. It can be seen that LV brand power has always been in a classic position in luxury bags.

So which lv bag would you choose?

1. Neonoe bucket bag

LV bucket bag is always classic and versatile. The four seasons match any clothes and use scenes to highlight your temperament and the beauty of your bag.

M43569 LV NEONOE Presbyopia Handbag LV 2020 Four Seasons Series LV Women's Bag LV Bucket Bag Blue Belt

2. Neverfull shopping bag

Louis Vuitton Neverfull classic handbags, delicate details of the inner bag are the requirements of the designer. The designed inner bag uses a fresh fabric lining, inspired by the vintage details of Louis Vuitton, and a detachable zipper handbag. It can be used as a single delicate clutch or as a shopping pocket.

The classic LV shopping bag, the bag capacity is very large, the one that can be "packed", is an entry-level classic.

M41177 LV NEVERFULL Small Handbag LV Female Bag LV Shopping Bag LV Mother Bag Small

3.Flore chain bag

The Flore chain bag is spliced with Monogram canvas and calfskin with a feminine contour and is inlaid with a Monogram floral-shaped buckle. There is plenty of internal space to accommodate mobile phones and other personal belongings and can be used as a clutch, shoulder bag, or messenger bag.

The classic old flowers are spliced with other colors, the classic and the fashion collide, and the metal chain expresses the bag with a hint of playfulness, which is more suitable for young fashionable girls.

M67404 LV FLORE chain bag Monogram canvas with calfskin handbag LV chain bag rose red

4. Speedy pillow bag

The Speedy handbag is a perfect urban handbag. The iconic shape and classic Monogram canvas, plus a variety of carrying methods and luxurious natural cowhide trim are fashionable and avant-garde.

Pillow bag can be said to be a classic style that was all the rage in the past few years. There is a hint of extravagance in fashion.

5. Alma shell bag

The Louis Vuitton Alma handbag, which originated in 1934, has evolved from a square-cornered travel bag shape to one of today's elegant female handbags. The Alma shell bag is made of Monogram canvas. The Alma shell bag handbag can easily hold keys, wallets, mobile phones, lipsticks, cosmetics, and other items. The Alma shell bag handbag is equipped with an adjustable strap, which can be adjusted to the waist or hip height strap, which is more convenient for light and cross-body.

The shell bag is more formal and suitable for formal wear. Do you also like Bai Qige's shell bag color scheme? I think it is very suitable for young girls with small and fresh temperament.

Of the above 5 recommended products, which one do you think is more suitable?

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