Louis Vuitton bag recommendation, how to choose luxury fake entry.

Fashionable ladies always have the same feeling when buying luxury goods: the more classic, not only will it not be outdated but also have a huge preservation rate.
lv seven classic bags

1. LV Neverfull

Reason: versatile, dirt-resistant, practical, lightweight
The LV Neverfull bag is LV's eternal classic, just like its name, always filled with dissatisfaction. The classic presbyopia color matching does not need to worry about being out of date, the fabric is strong and rough, lightweight, large capacity, and cheap. It is really very suitable as your first LV starter bag, and it can truly be free of clothes and seasons. Anytime, anywhere!

2. LV Noe

Reasons: large capacity, cute, versatile
LV Noe drawstring bucket bag ask yourself, can girls resist? It's cute, versatile, and likable. Regardless of its small size, it can actually hold a lot of things. It's more than enough to go out and equip things every day~


Reasons: practical, classic, versatile, elegant
The shell bag is also one of LV's most worthy starter bags. Compared with NEVERFULL without a zipper, the shell bag is more secure. The lychee skin is very resistant to roughness. Although it is a BB model, the capacity is large enough, and the long shoulder strap and hand can fit different shapes.

4. LV Speedy

Reasons: classic, large capacity, practical and fashionable
The keywords of SPEEDY are: "Can be installed, can be installed, and can be installed!" Although I have listed the prices of various sizes, the most popular sizes are speedy25 and speedy30. This bag is also very suitable for use as a boarding bag. And Audrey Hepburn also likes this bag.

5. LV Favorite

Reasons: fashion, lightweight, versatile
LV Favoritelv bags are not expensive. The domestic counters are usually 6K+, and the European prices are more affordable. Secondly, they are classic models, and they are light on the back and very durable. Third, they have two straps ( The long strap can be completely detached, the short-chain can be taken off one side and put into the bag as a whole), the long shoulder strap can be carried on one shoulder or cross-body, and the short metal chain can be worn by hand or carried by hand. After removing both straps, Can be used as a clutch, which really can be said to be versatile and practical!

6. LV Felicie

Reasons: small, stylish and practical
LV Felicie is the famous "three in one", a chain bag is also matched with a cardholder and a coin purse! The price/performance ratio is simply great! This is also a style that can be used as a chain bag or a handbag. Although it can't hold too many things, like a bag with a matching shape, it is really a must-have!

7. LV Nano Speedy

Reasons: small, delicate, and practical
The LV Nano Speedy Louis Vuitton bag should belong to Speedy, but why did it come out separately? The reason is that it is classic and popular, and it may not be in stock. But this bag has a very good feature: it is super suitable for summer wear, whether it is matched with casual jeans or a small skirt, it is very beautiful, the key is that it can be fitted, so as long as you have the opportunity to get it, take it immediately under.

The above seven classic lv bags that will not be outdated are absolutely value-for-money (the above bags are ranked in no particular order), as long as you feel that you can match your temperament and style, don't hesitate.

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