Louis Vuitton's classic old-fashioned bag will never fade with popular elements and shapes.

The messenger bag, as the classic lv, is a must-get item in the casual style. LV caramel color matching presbyopia messenger bag, the bag is very light, and the capacity is tremendous, you can put many things and will not sink.
The color is high-end caramel and classic old flower color, and the color is timeless. [zanR] style is also an infinitely possible style that can be hand-held and cross-carried. The capacity is not comparable to that of ordinary bags.

It’s so convenient to go out. You don’t need to worry that you can’t bring a powder with one extra lipstick when you go out. There are also several layers in it. Different things are sorted and installed. When you need to find something, you don’t have to. It’s so important to girls, and this bag is really to your heart’s content!

Besides, there is a great reason why you must own it because it is versatile! Its handle can be matched with a variety of small silk scarves, various tying methods, showing different temperament, its shoulder straps can be replaced with woven or other wide, home shoulder straps, it seems to change a bag immediately, is it very Great.

The classic presbyopia will never fade out of fashion. It is correct to enter the classic logo! In addition to the large capacity, it is effortless to match with clothes. You can carry it in any color, style, and occasion!

The above are my personal views on this bag. If you have any ideas, we can discuss them together.

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