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Louis Vuitton , Chanel ,Hermes , Gucci ,YSL, etc. are all expensive handbags, which are also easily damaged.
  Take good care of your luxury handbag in a good enough way to keep it the value and appearance of the original purchase.

  You can carefully maintain and preserve, the designer's luxury bag may last for decades. It is a pity that there are many wrong information on how to properly maintain luggage on the Internet, and one mistake will greatly reduce the value. For example, we heard that people use magic erasers in their Louis Vuitton handbags to try to remove a bit of transfer marks, which makes it look worse than before.

  The designer's luxury wallet materials are several different types of leather, canvas and many different substances, so each reacts differently to specific elements. If you fall into a sudden rain, Louis Vuitton luxury designer handbags should be protected in the rain. Louis Vuitton Neverfull Damier Ebene includes a water-resistant canvas, but you still have to prevent it from getting wet to prevent damage to the leather.

1. How to protect your luxury bag from moisture?
  The designer's luxury leather bag occasionally encounters rain or moisture, but this is inevitable, but try to develop a habit. If you live in a humid climate like Seattle or Miami, you may need to buy a handbag poncho to prevent accidental showers. Cold weather can also bring humidity, so conscious attempts must be designed to protect your luggage. Before going out, try to check the weather forecast. If you think it will rain or snow, please use a bag that is not vulnerable. As we all know, Vachetta leather is a big enemy in the rain.

2. How to store your luxury handbag correctly?
  Try to store your luggage in a cool and dry place, preferably around 68 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It is best to keep your designer bag in a dust bag. However, we know that you truly love to appreciate and appreciate beautiful luxury accessories.
  If you store your luggage in a cold area such as an attic or garage, moisture will quickly damage your own luggage. We cannot put enough pressure on this, but if you need to fade or leather, please remember to always keep your bag in your living environment.
  Of course, pay attention to the belt and structure of the bag. Certain bags may be irreversibly damaged, or even completely impossible to prevent. But one thing is not to put heavy objects on the bag, because they may damage its adhered structure or cause cracks or creases. If any of this happens, your luggage will immediately lose a lot of value and cannot be stored.

Tip: Use bubble wrap or tote bag cushions to fill the bag and keep the structure in a new state.

3. How to deal with stains immediately?
  The rule of thumb is that the longer you wait, the worse the stain. Accidents always happen, but an extra baby wipe should be placed in the handbag to wipe off small stains until it dries.
Different bags have different leather, canvas and other surfaces, so we don't want to tell you that something can remove stains for you. Watch other videos to learn how to use alcohol or baby powder to help you carefully remove pen and ink stains. Baby wipes are usually the best choice for most people. Please do your research before applying other things to your schoolbag.
Recommendation: Whether you have children or not, you should always keep a pile of baby wipes in your wallet.

4. How to keep handbags away from pets and children?
  We have heard many disastrous stories about children and pets destroying luggage, but after all the anger, we tolerate them. I once had the mark of a puppy in my first Louis Vuitton handbag. This is the only time I put my luggage in the wrong place. But I tell you, I will never let this happen again. .Please learn from my mistakes to ensure that your luxury handbags are always kept free from curious hands and paws.

5. Switch according to your design
  Of course, you have a suitcase you like, but you don’t want to use it so much that you feel uncomfortable with it.
  You need to try to swap between different handbags in the closet from time to time. Using designer wallets to rotate, you can always keep them in a better condition. Switch according to your clothes or occasion. Some handbags are suitable for leisure time, but other handbags can bring gorgeous colors to your evening dress.

6. The carrying bag storage bag is an excellent choice for keeping the inside of the carrying bag.
  They can protect your luggage from sudden leaks and provide you with more pockets to store your items. The pen usually starts at the bottom of the handbag and will leave ink in the handbag. The organizer of the handbag can block pen marks and many accidental spills.

7. How to use the product correctly?
  Do not use chemicals on your handbags before you understand or analyze the way it reacts. There are many leather cleaning products, although not all leather cleaning products can be used to clean or keep your own bags. Read all the instructions carefully and try to check for items like leather on the suitcase. First of all, always use a very small amount of things that affect the leather, because you don't know how it will react to the leather.

8. Handle with care
  This may seem obvious, but treat your designer handbags with the love of creation. You bought a Louis Vuitton or Chanel handbag for this and paid a lot of money, so do not place it on an untested floor or surface. Be cautious when opening or zipping handbags to avoid damage. Keep your hands clean to avoid oil residue, and do not touch your bag with wet hands.

  The hardware on the handbag is also vulnerable to scratches and discoloration. Need to pay attention to the surrounding environment to avoid problems.

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