What Replicas Stuffs Should You Sell For Good?

What Replicas Stuffs Should You Sell For Good

What Replicas Stuffs Should You Sell For Good?

Hello, I am Vincent Man, A designer inspired replicas stuff vendor from China. I have 5 Years' experience in this industry.

In the last article, I talked about Where can I find replica resources? Then what exact stuff should you sell for good money without a headache? Before I talk about which designer stuff is most suitable for you to sell, let me tell you which replicas would make you a lot of headaches first.

1. Replica Shoes


For example, A Jordan 1 Retro High Dior . You will see it's over $7000 from ,but you got an offer like $150-$300 from your vendors. Woo, it seems like you can make a lot of money to sell just a single pair of Jordan 1 Retro High Dior. But the thing is, how can you tell the difference between so many versions of replica sneakers? The truth is you don't know from pictures or videos. Besides, are you sure you know the different standards (US ,UK,EU,CN) of sizes very well?

In conclusion, avoid starting your designer replicas business with shoes.

2.Replica Bags

Interesting? Awful? Whatever. When you are new in this business, you have to open your eyes to choose a vendor. Probably you will face this problem when you spend hundreds of dollars plus 2 weeks waiting. Be away from this type of stuff until you meet a reliable replica stuffs vendor.

3. Replica Electronic Products


Sometimes you have face to this fact. Since these are replicas, there would be a standard to limit the manufacturers. That's why you can find many different versions of "same products" in the markets. You can't tell how the quality is until you get them on hand. But the cost is quite high to figure out. So don't start your business with these Replica Electronic Products.

It seems like no so many replicas you can choose from. Don't worry, there are still tons of designer stuff waiting for you. And they wouldn't cost you arms and legs to do the testing. They are :

  • Popular: For females, headbands are their daily use items

  • Cheap: Few $ to get one from Chinese designer vendors

  • Quality: You don't need to worry about any functional problems.

1. Designer Headbands


2.Phone Case


3. Keychains


4. Small Wallets


I'm Vincent Man, will write more about replica stuff in the future.

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