What is the charm of the Louis Vuitton duffel bag recommended in 2020?

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Louis Vuitton luggage bag

  This is a very organized package with a lot of files and space for a laptop. If you have to deal with a lot of files, this will make your work great! It is one of Louis Vuitton's new works, so you are almost certain to have heard of it or not seen much. Naturally, compared with the classic Monogram canvas look, the Empreinte series are usually rarer on the road! But at the same time, it will not harm the needs of my inner fashionistas, and it provides me with the essence of Louis Vuitton.

  Taupe is chosen because neutral colors are very charming and classic, they are super safe, and their overall style usually retains safe colors. If you are looking for other colors, I would totally recommend you to choose it because it looks cute.

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